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Data Recovery Service Provider List
Data Recovery Service Provider List

Ontrack Data Recovery - specializing in retrieving lost data from tapes and hard disk drives. Offers software and emergency, on-site, and remote data recovery services.

DriveSavers Data Recovery - recovers lost data for individuals, corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Vogon International - offers disk and tape recovery, data conversion, evidential systems, forensic computing, and investigation services.

Data Recovery Group - repair services for failed hard drives & data loss caused by computer crash. Related Novell services offered.

Action Front Data Recovery - emergency data recovery facility for hard drives, tape, optical, and removable media.

CD Data Guys - provides data recovery from a hard drive disc, CD-R, or CD-RW.

IntelliRecovery - global data recovery services company specializing in hard disk and hard drive recovery from lost data, drive crashes, and more.

DTI Data Recovery Software and Services - provides physical hard drive data recovery and software based data recovery.

CBL Data Recovery Technologies - offers a wide range of data recovery services. Services centers are located in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Data Recovery Services, Inc. - recovering magnetic data no matter what media, condition, or location.

Vantage Technologies, Inc. - professional data recovery and restoration for all types of storage media in every operating environment.

ESS Data Recovery - offers computer data recovery services and specialists for notebooks, hard disks, Macs, and other sources.

Midwest Data Recovery, Inc. - data recovery service provider for crashed hard disk drives, raid systems, and servers in the Chicago area.

Ondata International - offers data recovery services from hard drive, damaged or corrupted file, lost or deleted data disk, zip, jaz and DAT units, and storage devices.

Peak 10 Data Center Solutions - provides colocation, disaster recovery, managed services, connectivity, and web hosting with locations in Charlotte, Jacksonville, Louisville, Raleigh, and Tampa.

EVault, Inc. - offers online backup and recovery solutions which allow users to automatically store critical data in secure, off-site vaults, and make that data available for quick recovery.

Ibas (4)

Accurate Data Recovery Services - recovers data lost from a hard drive crash, virus, software corruption, electrical surge, and more.

Acodisc CD Data Recovery - offers specialized data recovery from inaccessible, corrupt, or damaged CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD-RW media.

Excalibur Data Recovery - specializes in commercial RAID, network drive, laptop, and tape data recovery on over 20 different operating systems.

Data Doctors - offers data recovery services for hard drives, floppy disks, and removable drives.

Data Recovery Corporation - offers data recovery services on all hard drives, disks, and operating systems with a wide range of products and services.

Southwest Stars - specializing in hard drive data recovery, RAID, MS SQL, and more.

Disk Doctors Labs, Inc. - recovers lost data from hard drives, tapes, RAID arrays, and optical media.

Micro Com Data Recovery - provides emergency data recovery services on hard drives, RAID, and any other media on which computer data has become inaccessible.

eMag Solutions - specializes in data conversion, recovery, migration, and storage services.

Renew Data Corp. - specializes in data recovery and computer forensics, as well as conversions.

Adaptive Research & Design Co. - data recovery from crashes, viruses, electrical surges, and sabotage, on hard and floppy drives under any operating system.

Data Recovery Clinic - offers consulting services for preventative data loss and recovery of data from damaged magnetic media, hard drives, floppies, and more.

ACS Data Recovery - provides nationwide hard drive data recovery services.

Cherry Systems Data Recovery - offers a hard drive disk data recovery service to retrieve lost data and files from failed hard drives, with custom software tools to restore computer data.

Convar Systeme Europe

Data Recovery Link, Inc. - recovers lost data from failed hard drives and other damaged media.

Eco Data Recovery - offers restoration of failed hard drives, servers, and RAIDs in addition to the recovery of data from virus and formatting problems.

Synstar International plc@

Iomega Data Recovery Services - provides data recovery services for a number of hardware devices.

Disklabs - manufacturer accredited data recovery and computer forensics services.

Flashback Data - offers expert data recovery and computer forensic services for hard disks, tapes, and other media.

PC Wiz - offering diagnostic and data recovery software, a worldwide directory of computer resellers, and more.

Doctor Byte Data Recovery - provides data recovery services for defective HDs, RAID systems, Zip, and floppy drives as well as the recovery of deleted or corrupted files.

Datex Europe - offers hard disk and other peripheral repairs, as well as data recovery services in Class 100 cleanrooms.

Data Clinic - offers emergency data recovery services from hard disk drives and tape media, plus forensic computer data analysis.

reWave Hard Drive Recovery Specialists, LLC - offers data recovery services with free quotes as well as a no fee policy if they are unable to recover data.

SystemRecovery.com - provides online backup software, online storage, CD-ROM archiving, and data recovery services.

Doctor Recovery - specializing in data recovery of damaged or corrupted Microsoft Office files.

PCM Assistance - provides data recovery services for hard drives and other corrupt memory media.

ADR Data Recovery - recovers lost data and deleted files from failed hard drives, laptops, servers, and RAID arrays with remote or on-site services available.

AAA Data Recovery - professional data recovery services for commercial and private clients with offices throughout the country.

Data Recovery South - provides clean room data recovery services for failed hard drives, raid arrays, tape libraries, and servers.

SQL Server Database Recovery - discusses SQL server database recovery, related problems, and backup tips.

New York Data Recovery Services - provides data recovery services for crashed hard drives, raid systems, servers, and tape libraries.

Vogon International USA - data recovery including disk and tape, virus damage, corrupted files, data conversion, computer forensics, and computer evidence services throughout the U.S.

Michigan Data Recovery Services - data recovery service provider for failed hard disk drives, raid systems, servers, and storage media. Offers a class 100 clean room lab facility.

Hard-Drive-Repair.net - provides hard drive repair and data recovery emergency services for all platforms with services available nationwide.

Data Recover Directory - provides a directory of data recovery companies operating in Germany, France, U.K., USA, Japan, and Canada.

1stDataRecovery.com - recovers data files from dead, deleted, damaged, and downed computer and electronics storage devices.

Decryptum - provides instant online recovery services for password protected MS Word and Excel files.

Net-Defender Data Security Services - provides computer security and forensic data recovery services. Experts in the recovery of forensic evidence in civil and criminal cases.

Data Recovery Guide - this primer explains prevention and symptoms of data loss, as well as how to find the data recovery services and software.

American Data Recovery Specialists - services for all media types and operating systems, including computer forensics, data conversion, and government recovery services.

Authentec International - specializes in data recovery of damaged, failed or harmed media and disks, tape, and raid.

Mellon Forensic Group - providers of forensic computer examinations nationwide.

Allworld Data Solutions - provides recovery services for multiple media types and operating systems.

Data Recovery Center - services include lost password recovery and hardware dongle lock replacement.

SOS HD - offers data recovery services for hard drives, raid arrays, tape drives, and more. Also in Portuguese.

Data Recovery Lab - provider of data recovery services due to mechanical drive failure, file corruption, and damaged media.

Atlanta Data Recovery - data recovery service provider for failed hard drives, raid arrays, tapes, servers, and related storage media.

Advanced Networks - providing hard disk data recovery services.

Data Recovery - specializing in recovering information from hard drives, tapes, optical, and related media.

Proactive Group Data Recovery Services - advanced data recovery specialists based in South Africa recovering lost or deleted data from all makes of computer media.

Data Recovery Labs.com - providing data recovery services for all operating systems and storage media.

EverythingAccess.com - specializes in Microsoft Access database repair. Also provides unique Access database-related software such as an MDE Unlocker and password recovery tools.

Colorado Data Recovery - recovers data from damaged media and deleted files from any operating system and any storage device.


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